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Print Club London screen printing workshop

I'm obsessed with screen prints - cool phrases, graphics or photography - I just love them. I've been lusting over Print Club London's emails for years with their affordable, limited edition AMAZING portfolio - I just need more wall space! So when I saw that they were running a day's screen printing workshop a mile away from home for a mere £60 I was there - could I really screen print my own designs?

Yes! So by the end of the day, I could screen print one colour on paper. I'd become proficient (sort of!) in creating artwork in Photoshop, coating my screen with photo emulsion, flooding the stencil, using the jet hoses and loads more! It's also given me a new appreciation of the print process and made me consider exactly what the artist had to do to create the print.

And it has left me wanting more. Next up is the fabric screen printing workshop. My son's just started his own streetwear brand, munx and I fancy being able to help with a limited edition run! Another feather to my bow...

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