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Mel worked as a stylist on 24 episodes on Channel 5's House Doctor.  Working with designer and presenter, Tracy Metro, to home stage properties throughout the UK for sale. This included identifying appropriate properties and transforming 48 rooms in 24 hours for a budget of under £1k!

"Mel Massey! How does one begin to describe Mel's creativity, work ethic, can-do attitude, team-player mentality and her general joy to be around? I can honestly say there isn’t one word to describe Mel other than OPEN.  She’s open to blending ideas, open to working well-beyond bedtime, open to continually developing her skills and open to new people!  


Mel and I didn’t know each other from a hole in a wall and were thrown together to design more than 45 rooms!  That’s a lot of time to spend with a veritable stranger. Not only did she make me feel welcome in her design world, but she also embraced my design ideas which is not something that always happens when two designers even CHOOSE to work together let alone two strangers who are FORCED to collaborate.  The highest compliment I could ever give Mel is that I HOPE we get to work together again...soon, so long as she’s OPEN to it!"

Tracy Metro / Presenter and House Doctor

Before... Jo's house in Stoke Prior - a beautiful period cottage filled to the brim with vintage clothes with a master bedroom filled with junk and a single bed...actually where is that master bedroom?

24 hours later... A beautiful, glamorous, luxe boudoir

Before... A bedroom in a reception room downstairs?

24 hours later...a stunning office space using a repurposed workbench

Before... Scott's house was  more of a granny flat than bachelor pad with pink artex ceiling and floral sofas...

24 hours later...A homage to pinball and cool solo living

Before... Buyers were turned off Mike's house with its dominating dreadfully dated carpet and wood panelled ceiling

24 hours later... Scandi-cool

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