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Mel was on-screen designer for BBC's long-running favourite, DIY SOS's West Bromwich episode. It was an absolute pleasure working with the wonderful Chambers family, over three hundred amazing West Brom people as well as Nick and those gorgeous Purples. Together we extended and revamped the house and garden, to provide a forever home for this wonderful family, hopefully giving them the chance to live happily again.

The family were hit by tragedy in 2015 when Sandra's daughter died of cancer leaving Sandra to bring up her two children, Deago and Ameira. Sandra already lived with her son Ziggy and despite there being absolutely no spare space, took the children in.  But life was incredibly hard and cramped.  Everyone was grieving. Everyone was suffering.

Then for eight days, a wonderful team of volunteers from the community worked together to transform their lives.  

"We kept our eyes closed until we walked in, and then we were absolutely amazed by the transformation. They have done an absolutely fantastic job, way beyond our expectations. I'm just overwhelmed. It will make a massive different to us, the children will have a space of their own. Sharing a room with his sister and me has been really stressful for Deago, but this will bring some normality back into our lives. We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to work really hard in such a short period of time to give us an amazing home."

Sandra (as told to the Birmingham Mail)

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