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Mel Massey Studio was started by Mel Massey in 2012. Mel’s career started in PR project management but twelve years and two boys later, she found that interior design was where her passion really lay. After a short course at St Martin’s, Mel made the switch and has been confidently growing her clients through stellar projects built on passion – passion for people, passion for interiors and passion for good, solid design. A dedicated vintage queen, Mel loves discovering unique treasures for clients (and herself, although currently on hold as she’s run out of space!) which add intensity and delight.


Jonathan Thomas aka Jonathanmaker is a bespoke joinery alchemist who has been working with Mel Massey Studios since its inception. Whether Jon is creating a bespoke dining table, library shelves or fireplace, he bestows the same level of passion, knowledge and craftsmanship on each piece.

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